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Real Estate Fax Provider 30-Day Free Trial Signup Q&A

Why am I being asked for my credit card?

Once your free trial has ended, your membership will be automatically renewed so you can continue using Real Estate Fax Provider without interuption. You may cancel at any time during your trial and your credit card will not be charged. During the trial, we will only Authorize your card (Authorize Only) to verify that the billing info that you provided is valid.

Are there any limits during the trial?

Yes. You will only be allowed 25 receiving pages and 25 sending pages - after that it is 10 cents per page. Any charges over the free-trial plan will be charged to your credit card - just like our standard service.

After the Free trial, how much does Internet Faxing cost with REFP?

Our pricing plans are the best available - basically $9.95/month with 200 free receiving and 100 free sending. After that it is 10 cents per page. If you require higher-volume plans, then please contact us.

How do I upgrade or change my account?

To upgrade to the Yearly plan or to upgrade to one of our Higher Volume plans, please contact us.

If I don't like REFP, can I cancel?

Of course. If you sign up for the Month-to-Month plan, you can cancel at any time.

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